Boomers: How to market to an older generation

Here come the Boomers: Marketing to an older population

Boomers represent the fastest-growing market opportunity in the United States. Within the next twenty years, the 55 plus age group will account for almost a third of the total population and nearly half of all households. This high growth, coupled with the boomers’ considerable spending power, offers both opportunities and challenges for businesses and nonprofits.

Doug Norris, Chief Demographer at Environics Analytics, provides a detailed overview of how this significant demographic trend will help shape business strategies in the decades to come. Use these insights to help formulate your strategy on how to market to this older population today.

What you will learn:
  • The impact of the Boomers’ spending power
  • The diverse characteristics of America’s older population
  • How segmentation can be used to identify opportunities
  • How to market to and serve older consumers

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