Build It or Buy It Canada

Becoming a data-driven
organization—Build it or buy it?

Organizations today realize the importance of using data-driven decision making for ongoing success. From understanding who your most valuable consumers are and where you can find more of them, to predicting which products consumers are most likely to buy next and through which channel, the ability to leverage data and analytics is the new imperative. But doing this successfully requires organizational change that does not happen overnight. Becoming a data-driven organization is a journey.

The following guide is designed to help you begin to chart your course. Complete with the questions, considerations and insight you need to evaluate your options, this guide will help you begin to think about required actions in scaling your data-driven efforts while balancing your organization’s short and long term needs.
What you will learn:
    • What does it mean to build or to buy?
    • Buy it > key considerations.
    • Build it > key considerations.
    • The hybrid model > what does it look like?

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