Insights on the American Traveller in Canada

Get insights on the American Traveller in Canada

The travel and tourism industry in Canada has plenty of room to grow with a projected growth of up to 6.4 percent per year from 2020 to 2030. For this projection to pan out, the travel and tourism industry needs to tap into innovative solutions and data-driven strategies to identify which investments offer the most significant returns. 
This report offers vital insights into American traveller preferences, behaviours, and spending capacity and highlights the powerful capabilities of VisitorView to understand American travellers to Canada better.

“One-third of the US population accounts for almost 60 percent of the visitors to Canada.”
Included in this report:
    • Profiles of the American travellers most likely to visit Canadian destinations.
    • Significant geographical and seasonal effects.
    • Media consumption habits of American travellers.
    • Tips on how to measure economic impact.

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