Recovery Planning with MobileScapes

Webinar: Moving Forward with Recovery Planning and MobileScapes

COVID-19 has disrupted virtually every aspect of the world’s social and economic fabric. But as we look to the other side of the curve, organizations of every kind have to plan for economic recovery and beyond. How do marketers and other decision-makers move forward in these uncharted waters? We believe the answer is threefold:

1. First, developing an understanding of consumers’ movement away from their homes – who are they, where they are going, for how long and how this is changing week-to-week (and importantly, how this compares relative to pre-pandemic patterns)

2. Second, differentiating these consumers and citizens based on their demographics, motivations and attitudes

3. Third, identifying the neighborhoods where these varying populations live in order to effectively reach and engage them

Successfully accomplishing the steps above means leveraging new and existing data sources (including mobile movement data), incorporating innovative technologies and applying analytical and industry sector expertise – all within a privacy-compliant framework.

Join us on August 13 to learn more about some exciting additions to our MobileScapes product that can help businesses, nonprofits and government agencies on the road to recovery.
Date and Time: August 13, 2020 at 2:00 PM ET

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